Lollipop is the online store selling limited edition wall-art for collectors, creatives & artlovers.


What is Lollipop?

Lollipop is the online store selling limited edition wall-art for collectors, creatives & artlovers. Our collection is curated by creatives & empowered by artists showcasing their own work.

Curated selection

In our selection of artworks & artists we look for art that appeals to your senses & emotions and dare to challenge the traditions photography. That’s why our brandname is also a nod to the more widely known movement with the same value’s started in the late 50s namely: Pop-Art.

Promising artists

Lollipop exists for promising artists to express themselves with their work and make it available to the public in the most high quality materials. We are always looking for artists creating a specific genre of works that increase in value as their own fame increases.

Limited Edition

Art always revolves around exclusivity. It’s not different with Lollipop. That’s why all of our artworks are limited to a capacity of 100 per size. After ordering you will receive an ink numbered and signed certificate by post that will prove absolute authenticity.



As mentioned before Lollipop artworks are exclusively available in three types of material.

Dibond Matte

Our dibond matte fine art finish is ideal for low light artworks. The print is applied to an dibond aluminium backing resulting in a robust artwork with a matte look. Perfect for minimalistic interiors.

Acryl Glass

Our acryl glass fine art finish is ideal for colourfull artworks. It lights up the colours of the print and adds much more depth than regular print resulting in a luxurious glossy look. Fits beautifully in any modern interior.

Gallery Glass

Gallery Glass is our flagship finishing. It’s the full option gallery quality print. It combines the glossy luxurious look of an acryl glass artwork with the robust aluminum back of a dibond artwork. Gallery Glass is the finishing museums and galleries use to display their art. This will turn your wall into an art gallery.

Dibond matte

Dibond matte

Arcyl glass

Arcyl glass

Gallery glass

Gallery glass


Top Quality

There are three key reasons enabling us to always deliver top quality:

High standards

All artworks available in our shop are under high quality requirements. We check every print manually to make sure they match with our high quality standards. Not one artwork leaves our warehouse without a complete quality check by different specialists.

Prestige materials

We use top-quality production materials. All artworks are printed on premium photo paper by professionals using a prestige XL 12 color photo printer and are then carefully aplied to the material of your choice: dibond, acryl glass or gallery glass.

Delivery Serivce

Each artwork is very carefully packeged by specially trained people to ensure that your work arrives in perfect condition. All artworks are labeled with a special “art tag” that tells our delivery partners to be extra carefull with the package.