Facing the current global crisis, we wanted to do something for all people in the battle against Covid-19. But where to start? While browsing through many charity projects, we stumbled across this local project called “Heroes against Corona'‘. With this project being supported by the cultural and creative hotspot Club Atelier and with all profits going to 1. the Red Cross supporting the Covid-19 research and 2. a charity event for all essential workers fighting in the battle against Covid-19 right now, we knew right away: this is the charity project we are looking for!

The best thing about the whole project is: it is a live-bid auction where people can bid as much as they want on donated products with all the profit going to the two good causes mentioned. What a dream! We immediately decided to donate one of our artworks and we picked the beautiful Lilac II by international talent Michael Willian to be auctioned.

Even better news: it is NOW live! If you wish to participate in this beautiful charity project, go to the website of Heroes against Corona or for Lilac II to

You can only bid until midnight of the 26th of May 2020 so hurry up and help us fight Corona together.

In the meantime: take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Love, Lollipop