Lollipop is a Belgian based online art store selling high-quality contemporary wall-art for collectors, creatives & artlovers. Our collection is curated by creatives & empowered by recognized and awarded artists showcasing their work.

Two exceptional collections for you to explore

  • the affordable and unique Lollipop Originals featuring dazzling artworks from talented and promising artists
  • the limited edition Lollipop Collectibles exhibiting award winning artworks by award winning artists limited to 100 editions a piece, coming with an authenticity certificate

Discover our wide range of gorgeous fine artworks fabricated exclusively on the most prestigious and endurable materials available in gallery quality: dibond, acryl glass and gallery glass.

Limited edition artworks

Art always revolves around exclusivity. It’s not different with Lollipop. That’s why the artworks in our Lollipop Collectibles are limited to a capacity of 100 artworks a piece. Each size also has a limited capacity which you can check here. The idea is simple, the bigger the more exclusive your artwork. You will also receive an ink numbered and signed certificate by post that will prove absolute authenticity.

Stunning design

Quality is part of our DNA. That’s why Lollipop artworks are exclusively available on three prestigious fine art materials:

Dibond matte is a finishing that is ideal for low light artworks. It has an aluminium backing resulting in a robust artwork with a sleek matte look.

Acryl glass is a perfect for colorful artworks. It lights up the colors of the art print and the glass adds much more depth to the artwork resulting in a luxurious glossy look.

Gallery glass is the ultimate gallery quality print. It combines the glossy luxurious look of an acryl glass artwork with the robust aluminum back of a dibond artwork. This will turn your living room into an art gallery.

Why Lollipop?

As you probably know, there are a lot of print & art stores out there, but why choose Lollipop over any alternative? There are three key reasons why you won’t regret choosing for a Lollipop:

1. We work in a top-quality photostudio with high-end equipment and a team of experts that guarantee a refined finish. Before boxing and shipping, we personally review every produced artwork to make sure it’s in the absolute best quality possible. No pixelated images, no scratches, no faulty colors, the best and only the best.

2. We have a wonderfull aftersales service. You will receive updates about every stage of the production of you order. Our team will be in touch with you personally and keep you informed about the delivery date and they will assist you with every question or concern you might have.

3. Free returns. Is there a reason you are ultimately not satisfied with your order? We will take it back and fully refund you. Client comes first place for us, always.